6 Best Free iOS Apps To Fight Insomnia

6 Best Free iOS Apps To Fight Insomnia on Pondarama Top Blog

Sleep is an essential part of our lives that cannot be ignored. It allows our bodies and minds to rest so that we are able to feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to deal with whatever comes our way. Unfortunately, with all the stress and technologies surrounding us every single day, it can be quite difficult to fall asleep or sleep through the night without waking up. If you’re serious about your health, we recommend you to try these apps and find out more information about your sleep.

1. Pzizz Sleep

 New combinations of sounds every time you use the Pzizz Sleep applicatio

Pzizz Sleep is an excellent sleep app that has been around for quite a while. The app offers you a variety of sounds to put you in the right state of mind to be able to fall asleep peacefully. A cool thing about this application is that it generates new dreamscapes every time you open it so that you don’t get used to them, and they lose their effect. The Pzizz Sleep is an app open for customization – you can change the volume, sleep duration, add a 3D effect, switch voice on/off, etc. It’s an extremely simple yet efficient application that will certainly help you if you’re feeling too tense and agitated when going to bed. 

2. DigiPill

The power of NLP in the DigiPill app to help you fall asleep

DigiPill is a fun app based on the combination of NLP and psychoacoustics to help you change different habits and behaviors, including your sleep. The app provides you with different “pills” depending on which effect you want to achieve. All you have to do to use the app is to get the “pill” and enjoy your guided meditation before you fall asleep. It’s definitely a cool and creative app, which can bring you the desired results when used regularly.

3. Relax Melodies

Beautiful interface and customization opportunities in Relax Melodies

Relaxing music can be a powerful tool in helping you unwind after a long day. The Relax Melodies app provides you with a variety of ambient sounds for maximum effect. What is great about this app is that you have an opportunity to create your own mixes using available sounds.  Moreover, you can adjust the volume of individual sounds depending on your personal preferences. You can easily manage the tracks by saving them, naming, and replaying whenever you want. Also, you have a chance to set a timer, which is just what you need if you’re going to use it before sleep. The app has a beautiful, user-friendly interface so you will definitely enjoy using it on a regular basis.

4. SleepBot

Improving your sleep by learning more about your habits in SleepBot

Another app that can be useful if you’re trying to improve your sleeping schedule is called SleepBot. It is a sleep tracking app that uses an accelerometer to track your movement and determine an ideal time for you to wake up. The alarm goes off gradually depending on your movements within half an hour before the first alarm that you set. You can choose from 10 alarm soundtracks to make sure you enjoy the melody that you have to wake up to. The app also creates graphs, so you can notice the patterns (duration of sleep, wake up time, etc.) in how you sleep and make changes if needed. SleepBot is an excellent app that is not only fun but also extremely useful.

5. Sleep Well Hypnosis

Calming hypnotic sessions of Sleep Well Hypnosis to put you in a relaxed state

Another app that you can benefit from if you suffer from insomnia is Sleep Well Hypnosis. With the help of this app, you will be able to calm yourself down and get ready for quality rest. In the app, you will find the audio sessions that last for 25 minutes and feature a relaxing voice of the hypnotherapist. The background music played during the sessions is extremely peaceful and helps set the right mood. Another great thing about this app is that you can continue listening to the background tracks once the 25-minute session is finished. Overall, Sleep Well Hypnosis is undoubtedly a great app to consider if you have troubles falling asleep.

6. Pillow

A number of sleep-tracking features in the Pillow app

Pillow is a beautifully designed sleep tracking app that allows you to learn more about your personal sleeping habits and thus improve your sleep and overall quality of life. All you have to do is put your smartphone close to you while sleeping, and it will collect all the information you need. The Pillow app tracks both your movements and sound patterns for the most accurate results. Just like other apps of this type, it will determine the best time for you to get out of bed. The app keeps a detailed history, so you’re able to look back and assess how your sleep schedule has evolved over time while using the app.

Don’t underestimate the power of sleep

Because of the hectic rhythm of our lives, a lot of people these days suffer from stress-related insomnia. It’s not at all uncommon to feel exhausted and not be able to fall asleep due to all the thoughts rushing through your head. The lack of physical activity and too much time spent in front of the computer screen significantly contribute to the sleep problems. The apps mentioned in this article are designed to help you relax and also monitor your sleep to find the best time to wake up. Remember to use the apps on a daily basis to get the best results. 

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