How to Blacklist a Number on Android

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In the twenty-first century, we are almost always available for anyone who wants to contact us.
Of course, it’s very convenient in the emergency situations; however, such state of affairs is also annoying, if this happens, let us say, in the middle of the night.
In fact, all of us are really tired of the unwanted calls and messages from the various services and goods sellers, from a haunting ex or obsessive acquaintances, and so on. So, what can we do, if a simple switching off the phone or the sounds is not a relevant solution? 

There are several variants of actions, actually.

Reject List

It’s the easiest way if someone always calls you from the same number. Just select the number and press a menu button (usually, it’s a three-dot button). You’ll see an option for adding this caller to reject list. In case you already have a whole set of spammers, you may manage the reject list in a Settings Menu. The undesired calls will be either disconnected or sent to the voicemail then. Though, one should bear in mind that not all the devices allow to do this.

Unwanted Caller on Android Phone

Blocking Applications

Many applications offer you the same blocking opportunity, but with various twists. Some of them are free of charge while others include paid additional options. For example, Mr. Number allows blocking all the unknown or hidden numbers as well as the ones with specific area codes. Besides, you’ll be notified of every blacklisted number. If someone has marked a number as spam, other users will also see this.

The Call Blocker mobile app is characterized by four modes:
Blocking all incoming calls;
Blocking the numbers from your Blacklist;
Allowing the callers from the Whitelist;
Allowing the callers from the Whitelist and contacts.

And that’s it – no one will disturb you again if you don’t want this. Though, you should know that a disconnection occurs almost immediately so the caller will know that you do this on 

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