By their nature, cockroaches hide in cracks and ravines and prefer dark, warm and humid places such as biological pits.

Often it is difficult to understand the extent of a pest control and for this reason the monitoring activity is a very important phase: it serves to make us understand which species of cockroach we are going to intervene on, makes us quantify the amount of the infestation and, consequently, identify the most appropriate product to use.

Among the most common species that are treated in our territory are the cockroach orientalis, the American periplaneta, the Germanic cockroach and the supella longipalpa. Each of these has different characteristics and behaviors that it is important to know in order to carry out an effective work.

The professional deblattization procedure includes some steps.

The first is precisely the monitoring activity that confirms the presence of cockroaches within the area concerned.

For this operation special containers with adhesive baits are used to detect the problem.

The monitoring activity is essential to detect the presence of cockroaches, but also the severity of the infestation and which are the most infested areas.

The operator places the adhesive trap and monitors its progress within a few days. The number of insects caught and their type will lead to the use of the most correct treatment.

Once the need for pest control has been confirmed, the operator identifies access points such as doors, windows, cracks in the walls and small passages, which can offer ideal hiding places for the insect to develop.

The places in question are treated using gel-based food baits with specific active ingredients.

A professional deblattization is carried out by the operator with products normally not available on the market and with methods that guarantee the resolution of the problem.

One of the most important elements is the percentage of active ingredient present, which is able to put an end to the problem, even in the most difficult areas, such as premises that are closed for a few months a year.

The gel is placed in the places where cockroaches pass through, possibly inside special containers that prevent access to children and pets, making them completely safe.

It is essential that the application area is clean, taking particular care to remove any traces of food.

The cockroach feeds on the gel, which has a delayed function. Delayed death allows the cockroach to return to its own lair and in turn contaminate the other companions in a system called “drop-in”, as the cockroaches still alive feed on those deaths.

Normally cockroaches die within a few hours of being eaten and generally the first significant results can be obtained within the first 24 hours.

In some cases, water-based products can also be used, which are sprayed onto the surfaces to be treated.

The treated areas should then be inspected after a few days, on this occasion the operator assesses whether to carry out another treatment, if the gel baits have been consumed but there is still the presence of live cockroaches.

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