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  • Last update: 03 Jun 2020
  • Version: 4.2.12
  • Compatibility: 2.3 and up
  • Author: Cat5Games
  • Content rating: Rated for 7+
  • Package name: com.cat5games.catgoesfishing
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Cat Goes Fishing LITE Review

Cat Goes Fishing is an arcade game with lots of interesting quests and a perfect time killer for those players who love cats, fishing or two of these things simultaneously. And here is why!

You will likely understand everything about this game after you just read its title. In Cat Goes Fishing LITE you play as a cat that can’t imagine life without fishing. So, as you might guess already, all you do in this game is fishing. You need to catch as many fish as you can, sell them to make some profit and be able to upgrade your rods, buy fishing gear or even a boat when you need it in the game.

There’s different size fish to catch varying from small to huge ones. Whenever you want to catch a particular fish, you will need to use a smaller one as bait. The game is full of exciting and unusual details, and I will tell you more about them below.

Graphics 4/5

Personally, I didn’t find the graphics of Cat Goes Fishing LITE as much attractive as its gameplay. It does look nice, but each time I was playing I felt like the game’s graphics is still unfinished and needs some final touches to impress more players. The game’s colors are too dark as for me: water changes from black to dark blue and gray colors, all of the background hills are rifle-green and almost entirely cover a picturesque blue sky. However, the main hero kitty and all the fish look beautiful. The fish vary by shape and color, and there is a pretty wide range of them.  

The game’s visuals and animation are impressive. Everything moves clear and smooth. When you throw a fishing rod into the water, it slowly lies down on the bottom and attracts all of the near floating fish. Any bait constantly shines so it’s always easy to see where is your fishing rod plunged.

Before you start the fishing process you can pick any bait of your choice, just remember that it should be smaller than the fish you want to catch. It’s pretty obvious that the fish are willing to eat each other even if they are of the same species. Sometimes the larger fish just takes bites out of smaller one you've hooked. In this case, the hooked fish immediately stops and some blood with a skeleton appears in the water. This means that your catch is worthless.

Gameplay 5/5

Cat Goes Fishing LITE looks like a simple game at first sight without any special concept neither tricky storyline. But if you go deeper underwater, you will see there's a lot of things going on. There is a pretty active marine life in the game where each predator hunts realistically and eats its prey, while other species prefer just hanging far away from the shoreline. There are a few game modes available and depending on which one you've chosen, catching fish can be more easy or complicated. Someone can even snap your fishing line, so watch out and be careful when you reel baits in.

Whenever you catch something, you can either sell it and get some money or toss your catch back into the water. As I mentioned before, the size of bait can vary. Therefore, you'll need to catch larger fish to move to the next bait size. This complicates the catching process of the biggest fish, so you'll need to work hard and get several smaller fish in a row first.

There are also some quests that give you tasks like to catch a certain type of fish for a fixed number of times, or increase a catching distance and so on. Those quests are more like challenging bonuses that test your skills as a fisher. Completing these quests is optional, but I had a lot of fun doing them. Therefore, I recommend you to check them out.

As you catch more fish and improve your skills, you sell the fish and make some money. Once you've earned enough cash, you can buy some things from the game's shop like new rods, accessories for them, bombs and rockets,  boats to explore the ocean and such useful tools as a radar or a minimap. There are also extra bonuses available like faster sinking lures, or some tricks to attract or repel certain species either hats that give you some special abilities if you snag them out with your hook. So the main reason to sell your catch is earning money that will afford you some nice perks and equipment.

As you upgrade your rod and boat, you’re able to fish farther out and deeper down. But don’t think that it’s so easy to do. You will need to pass through all the greedy obstacles first and explore the surrounding you shallower waters.

Controls 4/5

Cat Goes Fishing LITE was primarily designed for PC and attracted a lot of fans of the arcade genre. But even more people started playing this game after the mobile version was released in a couple of years later. No wonder why, the game’s graphics were improved, and new controls appeared. With the touch controlling the same game felt so different and intuitive that even the veterans of Cat Goes Fishing prefer to play on their mobiles instead of PCs with a mouse controlling.

Replay Value 4.5/5

You will surprisingly find Cat Goes Fishing a bit complex despite its simple graphic and a lack of storyline. You’ll need to play a lot and get some dodging skills that will help you avoid certain fish and get to the desired one. The gameplay is so exciting that you can easily find yourself playing for hours without having any breaks. Moreover, there is much more than just catching fish and selling it. You will be offered to complete a lot of various quests that will give you access to some new game features or let you improve your fishing rod and purchase some accessories for it. There’s a lot more in the game than a simple fishing, you just need to look more carefully.

In-app purchases

Cat Goes Fishing LITE is absolutely free to play ad doesn’t have any in-game purchases to offer. Likely for players, it doesn’t have any distracting ads or annoying commercials so that you can enjoy the gaming process right from the beginning.


It’s always nice to play a sweet arcade game where a cute kitty is the main character. Cat Goes Fishing LITE is one of such games. You start out on an abandoned island with just a basic rod. But as you start fishing and catching more, you become a pro fisher-cat who conquers the sea in search of the biggest and most dangerous prey.

Even so, Cat Goes Fishing is a pretty simple game that doesn't seem to have a deep storyline, it’s still considered as a solid time killer that can easily take your hours of playing. 

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Cat Goes Fishing LITE is a good time killer with an interesting gameplay and a cute kitty as the main character that will charm you from the first sight.

Pros : customizable rods to suit your play style;
a wide range of available fish;
lots to discover in the dark depths;
regular updates;
nice animation;

Cons : dark colors;
graphics can be improved;

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.4


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Cat Goes Fishing LITE Version History

  • Cat Goes Fishing LITE v.4.2.12 for Android 2.3.2+ Aug. 20, 2015
  • Cat Goes Fishing LITE v.4.2.12 for Android 2.3.2+ Aug. 20, 2015
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