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  • Last update: 28 May 2020
  • Version: 1.3
  • Compatibility: 3.0 and up
  • Author: Dev-Gamer
  • Content rating: Rated for 3+
  • Package name: com.tinybuildgames.helloneighbor
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Hello Neighbor Review

Hello Neighbor is an adventure game with stealth horror esthetics. The protagonist, a young curious boy, tries to get in his neighbor’s house to discover the terrible mystery. The developers promised that each time you replay a level it will be harder. So download Hello Neighbor to know whether they succeeded.

A boy discovers that his neighbor is involved in some terrible mystery. He wants to enter the neighbor’s house, but it’s full of traps and dangers. Each time the neighbor catches the invader, he sets up more traps and gets more precautious to meet the guests. The neighbor is so psycho that his logic is hard to understand, but you’ll have to if you want to sneak in.

Hello Neighbor Graphics 5/5

The atmosphere is what makes this stealth horror so popular. There’s always some detail that makes the events surreal. Human proportions are distorted. The house seems furnished unnaturally. The sounds in stereo enrich the ambiance and let you hear where the neighbor is coming from.

Sometimes the environment still fails, and the characters get stuck in textures or get through material blocks easily. But the developers release updates with more and more bugs fixed.

Hello Neighbor Gameplay 4/5

So, you were playing with a ball outside. Suddenly it rolls away to your neighbor’s house. What strange sounds you hear! He’s nailing down the door to the basement, to keep some mystery unrevealed. How can a boy keep from sneaking in to discover what’s behind?

But the neighbor is around. He tries to prevent your invasion, and each time you get caught you have to restart against trickier traps. The developers promised to provide the new level of AI confronting the player. As it catches you using some way in, this way gets no more available.

You are not unarmed and helpless. The house is full of various stuff you can use, and all the objects you can grab are interactive. If you see a slingshot, you can shoot it. If you see a bucket, there must be something to put in it. It may be helpful to open a door or to distract the mysterious owner and to steal further in while he’s away. A closet is a perfect place to hide.

One of the most prominent things about this game is being so realistic that its puzzles may have no logical solution at all. If you run into one of these, you better search your case on YouTube. The community understands that it’s unsolvable with common logic, so they readily share their gameplay videos.

Controls 4/5

Obviously the developers had enough of strange stuff while making up the puzzles. So there’s nothing special about the controls. A virtual joystick and a set of buttons are here to control your movement. To move the camera, swipe in the right half of the screen. We’ve seen and tried it all.

There are some specifics you need to learn, like positioning your finger in the center of the joystick to activate it, or adjusting sensibility. The default level is too high, so you just can’t move slow enough to oversee the details.

Replay Value 3/5

The developers promised a self-learning AI behind the neighbor, so each time you fail the level will become harder, with more traps and fewer ways. Add it to neglecting logic insolently, and you’ll get something you will either give up after one or two illogical incidents or want to explore the house inside out to learn the mystery. There’s not much of pure gameplay (4-5 hours), so it will always seem you have missed something.

And if you find some solution on your own, you will probably want to replay it just to make a video for YouTube. But you’re not granted success the first time.


Hello Neighbor review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that the game is now giving birth to the whole Neighbor universe. Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek will be a prequel explaining the story of that mystery man, and Secret Neighbor is to be a sequel, with the protagonist’s friends, involved to save him. Both games are in production now, and one of them is to be released in December 2018. We’re not sure if they pursue the same example of illogical horror and collective breakthrough, but it seems not so long until we see a TV show, a movie or a novelization of the whole story. So join in, before it’s too mainstream!

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Download Hello Neighbor, pick your favorite headphones and turn off the lights. That’s the way you’ll get the most kicks (or maybe produce the most bricks).

Pros : Good graphical part;
Unusual puzzles with strange logic;
Large YouTube community to join;
It’s just a part of a bigger universe for us to discover.

Cons : The game is buggy;
The logic is sometimes too strange if any at all.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay Value 3

Average : 4.0


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